Solar batteries

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Solar batteries

We have a wide range of batteries that can store energie from solar panels & windmills

Solar energy

we have the most complete, dedicated range of Renewable Energy batteries in comparison to other manufacturers.

Solar batteries

we have battery capacities that range from 18 to 3690 Ah.

Solar batteries

We have the recognition of Solar Technology Batteries as “Best Available” and “Most Reliable” by serious RE system owners.

Stationary battery OpzS


OpzS batteries are standby batteries with tubular plates, especially designed as battery backup power for all industrial applications which demand low-maintenance as well as average and long discharges. The
tubular design with lead selenium alloy guarantees a longer operating life, minimal maintenance and optimal performances in cyclic and standby applications.



Refilling of the water only every 3 to 5 years in float charge use,
under normal conditions
Longer battery life: 15 years in fl oat at 20°, even in cyclical use
Flexible screwed connectors:
- simple and easy connection
- less accessories demanded
- less time for maintenance & control
- reduction of the tension is smaller in the connections
- better protection against short-circuits
Self-discharge less than 3 %
Very low floating current



Thanks to the OpzS stationary battery series, we can offer a reliable
and environment-friendly energy source for back-up systems for
innumerable applications, such as: telecom business, the railways,
electricity cabins, uninterruptible power supplies, ups, electricity and
nuclear power plants, wind and solar energy etc.


Type and reference of the battery
Voltage & AH of the battery
Size of the outerbox of the battery
Lead-acid / AGM or GEL
If this data isn’t available, we need the following information:
Dimensioning of the battery:
1. Which capacity in (K)watt or which constant current
2. Nominal tension of the battery (12V, 24V,...)
3. Autonomy
4. Minimal final tension
5. Ambient temperature (if possible).
Use the discharge tables (constant capacity per cell, or constant
current) per final tension per autonomy.
E.g.: 12V, 240 watt, 1 hour:
Capacity per cell = 240 / 6 = 40A
When you take 1,75V/cell as final tension for 60 minutes
Choice: DAS12-33: 40,3 watt or DAS 12-44: 53,3 watt.